Tuesday, November 20, 2012

9 days left

On Sunday, I got a taste of what life will be like when hubby works from home one day a week.  On Sunday morning, at 2 a.m. I was woken up by baby girl. It took an hour to get her back to bed. Shortly after that, at 3 a.m., hubby's oncall phone rang.  He was away from the bed for a bit and then asked to join an 8:30 a.m. conference call as the other guy was out of ideas on how to fix the problem.  

So I went to church with the kids while hubby stayed home.  This is not new. I go to a church group on Thursdays and take the twins by myself.  I used to put them in the stroller and then take them to the car, or building, but it is annoying and tedious.  I still have to take them out once I get there, and carrying two babies (who aren't so little any more) and a diaper bag, is not an easy trick.  So what I do now is put on the baby carrier, put the light one in (what we refer to the girl as)  and carry my son to my left. Meanwhile my purse and diaper bag are over my shoulder and neck (diagonally) so that I can balance everything.  So I put my son in the car and strap him in, and then go to the other side and strap baby girl into her car seat.  This works better than previous which was boy in carrier because I would put her down in her seat, go to the other side, strap him in, then have to go back and strap her in.  

I would like to get a picture of my "get up" someday.  

When we got home from church, hubby was still on the phone and didn't get off the phone until 7 1/2 hours after he started.  What a day.  He was home but not able to help me if I needed it. Well if it was really warranted, I'm sure he would drop the phone.  He said that when he works from home, he will be able to help if needed. This Sunday was different.

So we are gearing up for the move.  Most things are in place, movers hired, extra U-haul truck for the smaller items, address changes, utilities, etc.  I still have to pack what is left of my kitchen and various items from other rooms, but for the most part I think we are good to go.  I am looking forward to having a bigger house and a HOUSE, not a townhouse, not being NEXT to my neighbors or hearing their cars in the garage under us. But it'll be an adjustment to move to a new area.  I have to learn a new map, find new stores, decided if we can go to our downtown church or need to find a new one, make new friends, decide if we need to change doctors/dentists, etc.

9 days left!!

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