Tuesday, November 06, 2012

23 days left

So there are now 23 days to pack.  Did I get anything done yesterday? no.  I was going upstairs to do so when the twins were napping only to have baby girl wake up.  She wakes up a lot these days. Usually at 2 a.m., such as she did last night.  Could not find her soother so that didn't help.  So yesterday she woke up after an hour's nap, and I did get her back to sleep, but seeing as I had been up for hour at 2 a.m. again, I decided to nap as well.  So, no packing done in the afternoon.  And when hubby came home I didn't feel like doing it then either. Instead, I spend my morning finishing minutes from a meeting that I went to on Friday and then tried to figure out my finance report for the same group.  

Of course, I still have to arrange the other minor things for moving as well. That type of thing will hopefully get done this morning. But depending on how mobile the twins are being today, we will see. :)

ha! they fell asleep at 1 and I was able to finish packing the books!! Now I have to tackle the master bathroom and the closet! yucky! 

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