Thursday, October 11, 2012


No I haven't taken a hiatus.  I have been on vacation at my mother's in PEI.  We have visited with a lot of friends as they wanted to see the twins. "Of course, they want to see the twins, not us.."  was hubby's response to so many coming over.  

We did have a nice time to catch up with old friends from high school and childhood. Took the kids to the park, to the beach, did get far on some things as they are both teething. I swear that baby boy got 2 teeth while here. No wonder some days were a challenge with whiny cranks, parents included.

10 people packed into a 3 bedroom house for the Thanksgiving weekend. Cousins meeting each other for the first time. Looking at old family photos from both sides of the family. Digging through my mother's house for the last time as she plans to sell and I am not likely to return to this house again.

There was something of everything.. 

We are leaving today and get to sleep in our own beds tonight.  And unfortunately back to reality, work for hubby, and me trying to keep the kids out of the things that they shouldn't as we have no baby gates up due to selling the house.  Hubby is convinced that baby boy will be walking within the month and we STILL have no new place to move to despite having sold our own.  We have until November 30. That is about 6 weeks from now.  

So we will see how things go.  

More when we get home and photos as well.

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