Thursday, October 18, 2012


We have been home for a week already. Feels like longer but then it has been stressful. I have had to adjust the kids to being home and reconfigure the 1st floor yet again for their increased mobility.  I put the playpen in front of the entrance to the kitchen so that I can keep them out.  A body pillow in front of the bottom stair, but that didn't deter Baby Boy from climbing them.  

Luckily I saw him and went along after him. He climbed the entire flight of stairs, but it was a good thing that I was there as he tried to turn around or stop on the second to last stair from the top.  Not a good thing.  So I made him finish, turn around and sit on the top stair.  Such an accomplishment for him!! So proud.  But so scared!

On Sunday, I got a cold which is still having on. Luckily it is just a sinus cold, annoying but persistent. We are staying home from our group this morning as I don't want to get anyone else sick, despite going to church on Sunday with a myriad of Kleenex.  

We put an offer on a house the day that we returned and had to wait to hear until today if we were sucessful or not.  This house had a previous offer (that we were unaware of) subject to sale of the buyer's house.  The seller had to give notice to the 1st buyer and then 72 hours to come up with the money in full.  I lost sleep over this as I like this house and our house had been sold before we left for our vacation.  We weren't sure where we were going at the end of November.  Barring anything major discovered by our inspector, we will be moving to Surrey.  I didn't really want to move to Surrey as hubby is already away for almost 12 hours a day as it is... this will make the commute longer. But as the realtor said, more bang for the buck.  

The house is in a cul de sac, hardwood with a lovely kitchen, video security system and over 4 bedrooms.  We plan to turn at least one into an office so that hubby can work from home at least once a week.  Also in the future, we may turn another into my office for if I work from home after the kids start school. I look forward to having more space and putting up baby gates.  In the meantime, I have to try to contain these energetic twins without gates, figure out about packing and find a moving company. I have already started to empty out the freezer.  Little by little this will get done.

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