Friday, September 14, 2012

so frustrated with life's snags

I am SOOO ticked off!  We have been prepping to list our house for the past month and a half. I worked my butt off to declutter and clean this place up.  We have an open house scheduled for Sunday, 2 days from now.  We do NOT have an MLS number.  This means it is not listed on the public site, meaning people just looking AREN'T going to see it unless they drive by.  ERG!!

Who's fault is this?  I don't know. Hubby suggested that our realtor, oops, forgot to submit it on time, while MLS got our info a week ago today, last Friday, and misplaced our information.  We are listed on our agent's site, the real estate site for realtors, and zoocasa (yeah never heard of it either). So it is out there, but still. Ticked off.

I've had a frustrating week.  Yesterday was annoying as well.  I went to church for a family program.  Of course, I fight traffic, almost get forced off the road by a truck that didn't know where his wheels were - not once, but 4 times on East 1st, get to the church, take the only spot that I can find, but it is listed as "20 minute drop zone, you will get towed," then I had to figure out how to get 2 infants into the church without so much hassle. I decided to put baby boy in the baby carrier and carry baby girl and the diaper bag.  It worked well. Otherwise I would have had to put them in the stroller, go down the alley to the front office, pull them up a step while holding a heavy door, park it under the stairs and then take them one at a time to the nursery. I did double check with the office to ask if I could stay there, because otherwise I told them, I would take my children home and none of us would be happy.

What was frustrating about the day was leaving.  I was trying to figure out HOW am I going to put a kid in a seat while wearing another.  So I opened the left door, deposited baby girl into her car seat, which is in the middle of the back seat, and then went around to the other side and took baby boy out, with some difficulty and proceeded to strap him in.  There is another car parked there, in the other "20 minute we will tow you" spot.  The driver, a man in his mid 50's who looked vaguely familiar, came behind me and told me that my door was touching his car.  I apologized and pulled it toward me as I proceeded to buckle my son in.  "Can I help with anything?" he asked.  "no, I'm fine." I answered and went to buckle in my daughter. " but you really shouldn't be parked here unless you tell the church, or they will tow you." I retorted.  He spent his time stroking the area where he thought my car made a mark. I saw nothing except marks in other areas where my door had not been.  It was annoying.  "Yes you can help me. you can leave me alone." I got in the car without another word and drove into a 6 block traffic jam.  

When we got home, my children refused to take a nap because they slept in the car, which means I didn't get one either.  :(  

I wish this house thing was over with.  Yes we are going to have open houses for the next few weekends and hope we get a bite, but still, this weekend we might not get anyone.  That will be disappointing.

Tomorrow I have to clean up the place, put baby things, like playpens, exersaucers, and high chairs, away in our storage locker and make the place spic and span.  It seems more daunting than it is.

Here is a link for what the house looked like before we bought it.

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