Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More House assessments... Save yourself time.. don't go!

Tomorrow morning, the home inspector will come see our house for the buyer. We will leave the kids with the grandparents in the afternoon and go see more houses.  Here are the houses that we saw last Sunday during open houses.  Based on our criteria and finances, we were looking in Surrey.

Our criteria are 4+ rooms, close to transit. :these are Must have!
other would be garage, sufficient yard, nice kitchen.  

So we ended up in North Surrey.  I admit that I didn't really look at that map too well and the first house,

14519 St Andrews Drive, Surrey MLS® F1217670

although it looked good and promising, was really close to a train yard.  I liked it.  Hubby is not too crazy about the fact that you can see and hear traffic from a bridge.  I assume the Port Mann, and hear the train traffic.  While we were standing in the yard, we heard 2 cars bang together (to attach) and hubby is not sure that he can put up with that especially if this happens at 2 a.m.  Me, with my hearing loss, it is not likely a big problem.  The yard is the issue for me.  I'm not too crazy about the yard. It slopes in tiers and has a drop to the trees. Sure, we can install fences etc, but I wonder what is under this lawn.  Our only issue is that we were not allowed to see the basement and its suite.  Come on! it is an open house and you don't make the WHOLE house available??!  Ugh!

The second house was around the corner/next block. 14637 Wellington Drive, Surrey MLS® F1222547
So once again, train noise would be an issue.  This house was built in 1987, and it looked it!  The driveway sloped in and would need some major work.  There was an old intercom system, and there was major repair to be done in various places.  One room's carpet had stains on it all over; either rust or blood, we could not tell. The skylight had pieces of the stucco ripped off and the suite downstairs was atrocious.  Hubby described this as cheap materials, what Mike Holmes referred to as "lipstick and mascara".  Just.. no. Too much work for us, not worth it.

 I made a mistake and the 3rd house on our list wasn't an open house so we went to our 4th house on the list.  WOW!  The neighbor was steep.  I mean, gorgeous houses with steep driveways.  We parked in the cul-de-sac and I felt like I should have a yacht parked somewhere.  We walked up a slight incline to the property, 11681 99A Avenue, Surrey, and went into a large house. It is a 4 level split.  I think the fact that there were quite a few groups in there already, plus 2 realtors to greet us, made it confusing.  One was actually a mortgage broker.  This house has 6 bedrooms, it was a LOT of space.

The first thing you notice is the drive way that slopes down toward the house and then the huge bump you would have to go over to put a vehicle in the garage.

Gorgeous view, but not well taken care of.  Hubby described it as worse with every level you went down.  I was appalled that the light fixtures in some places were bare bulbs, there were no switch plates, and the suite was a mess.  

The dishwasher isn't even under a counter, where a cupboard door for a lazy susan should be was nothing, ... it just felt well lived in and like the people didn't even bother to clean up in some places. 

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