Wednesday, September 19, 2012

.. and we may have to cancel parties

I planned the birthday parties in advance. Our twins will be one a week from today and hubby will be 35!  We have people coming for the weekend parties, but we may have to cancel.  Baby boy seems to have a cold.  He woke up with a cry shortly after going to bed and cried and cried.  We weren't sure if it was ear infection or cold.  But runny nose has won out today.  His crying, of course, woke up his sister, who then proceeded to wake up numerous times to snivel throughout the night.  

And then hubby woke up and pronounced himself coming down with something.

*Sigh* I planned their parties a month in advance and have ordered free cake from Thrifty's and now we may have to cancel. And what can I give my sick children for their ailments... nothing medicinal. Just wipe runny noses and lots of love.

To add to that, baby girl has learned to pull herself up to stand. She gets frustrated at times, mind you, this is day 3 that she has been able to pull herself up.  Guess she is in a hurry to catch up to her brother.

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