Sunday, August 05, 2012

Yesterday I went hunting on Craigslist for a lark and found clothes for the kids for sale up the street.  The woman called this morning and I went for a look.  It was crazy.  She was in an apartment and takes me to this large room, 10 by 13, I'd say it was.  It was CRAMMED full of bins with clothes, toys, and .. stuff. I had asked on the phone if the woman had twins, or a day care, and she said she had a shopaholic mother. Who bought things that weren't even age appropriate (baby food - and the youngest was 3), so there was a LOT.

So I told her that I was looking for clothes for my son, 18 months to 2T, and 12 months for my daughter. I figured why waste time and money on sales when this is brand name, hardly used stuff for cheap.  So I got an immense amount of denim for both kids, for cheap.  Even a snow suit for baby girl.  Now I have to see how much will fit baby boy, who is growing like crazy, and see what I still need. 

meanwhile, we continue to melt in the heat wave that has hit.  I like summer weather, but NOT like this.

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