Monday, August 20, 2012


Wow! This is post #400!  I must write a lot.

But that is not what I was going to add to this thing... 

As you may know from reading previous entries, we are hoping to move.  Yes, in this depressing realty market. 

The market has taken a dive. But the need to move has not.  So after busting my butt to pack and clean and all, we are a little disappointed about the outcome.  Hubby and I had thought we might list for the end of the month. Hubby even thought we could have an open house on the September long weekend (which I told him was an unrealistic idea because it is the last weekend of summer vacation and the final hurrah before school starts again. The agent agreed.)  Soooo... we are going to list for the week prior to Sept 15th weekend as that is when we will have an open house.  

A month! I have a wait another month.  After purging and downsizing what we are using, I still have to wait another month.  Well in a way that is good. Stress is off, there are last minute things to do, and we will settle into a routine again once fall programs start again.  The other snag is that baby boy is crawling.  I was hoping to put off putting up baby gates in the house.. but we will see.

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