Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today we had the carpets and our main couch shampooed to prepare for the open house. We had 2 large stains that we were concerned about on the 2nd floor.  One was 1 year or more old- a blue stain from an expensive bottle of Woolite detergent. I had bought it at Costco and hadn't opened it. It fell off of the washer when it shook too much because of whatever hubby put in there... and the bottle broke spilling 3/4 of the stuff all over the laundry room floor and seeped into the carpet.  That lovely stain is now OUT!! wahoo! The cleaner said that made sense as it was essentially soap...

the second major stain was also on the 2nd floor in our computer room, from numerous liquid spills (likely juice).  They are now gone.  The couch looks SOOO much better although there are still a few minor stains on the arm. A black streak that I forget how it got there.  I knew at one time.. but I guess it has been so long.

So.. we had to figure out what to do because the carpets were done on all the floors and stairs where it was.  So we were trapped downstairs on the 1st floor with a wet couch that we couldn't sit on waiting for everything to dry for 6-8 hours.  So we took a long drive to Agassiz, BC and visited with my husband's grandfather. It was the first time to meet the twins, who are 11 months old today by the way. We had never been to his current place but had driven by the area on our way to Harrison Hot Springs many a time.  

A lovely day with lovely weather and great company.  It was so nice to come home to a mostly dry house.  Just one side of the couch cushions didn't dry.  The kids were happy to be home, despite their nap in the car and baby girl proceeded to engage in her new favorite hobby, tearing the floor mats apart.  Yesterday, she did that and handed a piece to her brother.  I call them the Duo of Destruction, but we know that she is the ringleader.

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