Monday, August 13, 2012


don't worry about the back thing... it only lasted for a day.. Not sure what that was, stress or moving too much or both.. but it is gone and things have moved on.

So I worked myself to a tizzy to pack as much as I could so that on the weekend when the in laws came to help that we would get as much done as possible.  The 1st floor has been put back together.  There are a few boxes left over, but they are mostly for later, or to go in our crawlspace.  So, now I have to neaten up the rest of the place for the realtor comes to "inspect".  

The children have been a delight.  It is interesting to watch them interact. I put them in the playpen together. One moves closer, and takes a toy, sometimes right out of the hand of another, the other takes it back.  There have been no complaints, no protests.  This evening, baby boy made it difficult for his sister to get up from her prone position, as he got on his hands and knees and rocked the playpen back and forth. The "mattress" swings to and fro like an earthquake. And they laugh... 

I went to the store for an hour only to have hubby tell me that things were difficult as baby boy is motoring all over the room. He has mastered the art of forward crawling, and likes to use furniture, specifically the bouncy chairs for leverage to get up.  The difficult part was that baby girl drank her bottle and fell asleep.  Baby boy still used her chair to help himself up... she did not like that!

So things have changed quickly over the past week.  Baby boy has decided it is okay to eat chewy food and will eat the Baby Mum-mum wafers that we have.  I don't think that he likes other chunky stuff so well, but then with the heat we have focused on liquids more than solids.

Today neither of them wanted a nap when they usually went.  So 2 hours later I finally had her asleep and he was protesting.  That was when I napped too because I was woken up by sobbing at 4:30 a.m. when baby girl, who appeared to be asleep, began sobbing. Even after putting her soother in her mouth, which I am trying to wean her from, only for sleeping, woke up because of the position she ended up in. So I had to make a bottle, while holding her, and feed her. Luckily, I was back in bed at 5, but it takes a bit to settle.

We will see how tomorrow goes with the heat (not helping), the sleep thing (it is 11 p.m. and she is still not asleep. Baby boy just went to sleep 30 minutes ago, which is 90 minutes past his usual....)

Maybe I'll get something accomplished from the list of things to do as I have carpet cleaners coming the day after for a consult - our last major job before listing the house.

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