Friday, August 31, 2012

Genealogy stuff

When we went to see hubby's grandfather, we got his files on his family tree. So I was able to add missing dates and names for my husband's family.  I had been thinking if I had all the information on his family and realized that while I now had more blanks filled in for his mother's side, I didn't really copy all of the information from his father's side which is provided on the internet by one of his cousins, I think it's a cousin. His family is so big that I might get confused at times.

Last night was frustrating as I was adding more people to the tree and got confused because the father and son had the same name and if you weren't careful, you added the wrong spouse and then the software tells you there is something amiss as the son is born 106 years after the mother's death... hmm.. something fishy here.  Oh right!  The father is H. Sr., oops.  This is the father's wife... isn't it?  WHY are there so many names that are the same?!

I know about the tradition in German families to name the new baby after the grandparents... but sometimes there were father and son with the same name, or mother and daughter with same names, hence the confusion.  So I think that I have messed up some information in my zeal to research the families. In particular, my father's side.  We have so little information about them and there is now no one really left to tell us about the great grandparents, etc since my father's Aunt died in 2005. She was the last historian really to tell us what was what.  When I go home to my mother's next month, I hope to look at and scan in the old photos that she left behind. She wrote on the back who people are, but we might not know, other than a name, who it is.  (Is it my grandfather's family, or just some guy?)  Plus she had a habit of cutting the pictures.. and some are written in German.  This doesn't help me because I wasn't taught German ... this will be fun. Not.

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