Saturday, July 21, 2012

Virtual Photo Challenge: Roaming Mascot

I am a part of a Photography group with, but haven't been able to go to many due to motherhood.  Every so often there are virtual meetups, where in we don't actually go on an outing, but there is a theme to our photos. This month is Roving/Roaming Mascots, similar to the Travelling Gnome idea.  So we were to pick one inanimate object and photograph in various settings, not necessarily elaborate, over the next week.  I have chosen one of the kids bears that they aren't currently "in love" with. 

Today Hubby and I were at Playland for a work fun day. The last 3 photos are from today. One of the themes from his work fun day was to take 3 photos with mini donuts, use of the company logo and of course, you on a ride.  I used the bear for the mini donuts.  In another shot, he is wearing a hat with the company logo.

I also asked the tattoo artist if she would consent for the tattoo photo.  She picked the anchor for the bear.  Love it.

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