Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ugh.. we must be crazy...

Ha!  how many times do we say that to ourselves in our lifetime?  This statement refers to our effort to declutter and move.  So we rented a storage locker yesterday and have taken 4 carloads of stuff to the locker. It is just up the road from us so it is convenient. Yes, we have a storage locker in our complex, but we needed MORE space.  Yes, I shake my head, I have THAT much stuff.  So we have partially emptied our storage locker to the new location so that we can put miscelleanous items downstairs for when we have showings. This way we can stash the playpen and other every day items nearby.

So we are borrowing a friend's truck on Saturday to take the bookcase and coffee table as these will NOT fit in our car.  (Especially since hubby refuses to remove the 2 car seats.. I roll my eyes at this.)  So I have a week, well actually 5 days, to pack as much STUFF as possible to make good use of the truck.  I still haven't gotten to the third floor (my room) but I am getting there.  The coffee table is empty (and stuck in the corner due to babies play space), the tv stand is empty of everything except for the tv box and dvd player (which are utilized daily for the babies.. HBO Presents "Classical baby" is a Godsend) but the dining table is still a mess as it is covered with items that I need to purge or sell.  

I am going to have a massive sale soon. Maybe quantity will speak better than the single items listed on Craigslist or Kijiji.  We have gotten rid of some items, as I have either reduced price (ugh) or reposted, but there are other items that I have either pawned off on some people or will have to give away rather than sell.  I swear you reduce something to "free" and people come running.  Now if only certain people would actually SHOW UP to get the item... even when it is FREE.. as per Freecycle.... (but that's a rant for another day.)

So yes, I do think to myself that we are crazy to think about moving.  I'm not sure that I am up for such a big change at this point.... but it is necessary for the sake of the kids. Ha! and my sanity...

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