Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Learning as I go..

So now that we "have" a realtor (once we sign the contract when the declutter/packing phase is over) we are no longer limited to houses listed on mls.ca that are open houses. However, I have learned that if you look in a certain area for a while, that if certain houses have been listed for a WHIIILLE.  There must be something wrong with them.
If certain listings only have a photo of the exterior... there is likely something wrong with the interior... or the seller (not letting them take photos eh?)

The other day we were out at a friends and the conversation was real estate.  I was warned about how much to get rid of.  The idea is that the buyer is to look at your "fishbowl" showing with very little of your personal effects and be able to imagine their stuff in this setting.  Hmm.. that is not what I was doing when I looked at houses before. I was looking at storage, and did it have the kitchen I wanted, etc.  That is what I will still look at when we go again, only this time instead of "is there enough room for me and all my stuff", it'll be "is there enough space for growing children... and me and all my stuff"?

So one person told us that they opened the walk in closet of a house and there was a huge photo or shrine to a dead person.  They said no to that house, because all the wife would think of is the "dead person" shrine every time they open the closet.  

So we have rented a storage locker and have already put quite a bit in it, but we are borrowing a friend's truck in 4 days. so I have 4!!! days to pack as much as I can.  We are borrowing it for the purpose of moving bookcases and other furniture that doesn't fit in our car.  May as well utilize the opportunity. It is actually freeing to go through stuff and say "really? WHY are we keeping this?"

So I plan to have a massive sale on Craigslist/Kijiji and call it a Massive Moving and Twin B/G Sale.  That way I can get rid of baby stuff as well as clutter stuff; DVDs, figurines, baby clothes, toys, 2 car seats and the list is growing.  This will be a virtual sale though, not a yard sale.  I don't want to sit there for the morning. I'm not really sure how yard sales work in this area, PEI I know, here I dunno. At home, it was 7a.m. or 6 a.m. with "No early birds", here I see 10-2, or Saturday AND Sunday.  Like huh?  So I don't know the protocol here, so I don't see the point of trying to figure it out.

Hubby tells me this "de-personalization" of the house means that my hats will have to come off the walls.  I suppose that is ok, as the 13 that used to hang are reduced to 8.   And they are hung with 3M hooks, so they will not mark the wall.

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