Thursday, July 05, 2012

I guess it's true when you are a mother...

So if you have been following my life via this blog, you will notice the book widget midway down the page.  You will also notice that I have not really been able to add any books to it in a while. I think the last book was the one about Madame Tussaud.  It took forever to read and not because it was boring. Not because it was dry, well maybe a little ...
Some days my mind is able to devour books, you can't put it down, and other times, you can barely slog through one.  Right now, I am TRYING to read one that I got from the library called "The Needle in the Blood" about a woman who is sewing a tapestry for the bishop of King William.  Her plan is to kill him when she gets the chance. So here's the thing, yes, it is slow to move in the beginning, but I am just going to return it to the library as I just can't seem to do it.

Maybe this is the being a mom part. I guess it is true that you rarely have time to read books, and when you do, your brain either wants fluff (so you don't need to think too hard) or you just can't get into it.

The other book that I have been trying to finish is "The Last Days of the Romanovs" which is about Nicholas, the final Tsar of Russia and his family's exile.  It is more of a history than historical fiction.  It gives an account of their life, background, and time in exile.  More than just the Anastasia might have escaped part... or maybe I haven't gotten to that part yet.  So I'm slogging through that book as well. Have been since May. Sigh  Guess it is easier to watch mindless TV

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