Thursday, July 05, 2012


Tonight was a rare date night and we went to see the movie Brave. We didn't really know about it other than what we had seen on the trailer.  "I'll be shootin' for me own hand."  The Princess is to be betrothed to one of 3 sons from 3 clans- the 4 of them once joined in alliance, now separated by war and greed.  

In the end, this is a story about a mother and daughter.  We did not know it was such a chick flick, but then have you ever seen a cartoon that was?  I suppose as it was Disney/Pixar, that it shouldn't surprise...

The steal of the show -- there were 2; the opening cartoon or short, La Luna, was adorable. It was about a boy who goes with his uncles? to work.  The job is to clean up the moon from the clutter of stars that land there.  

The second steal of the show would be the triplet brothers of the Princess, Merida's brothers.  They played tricks, ran all over the castle and were great for comic relief during tense scenes between mother and daughter.

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