Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday plan

No, it isn't the twins' birthday yet.  But it is coming up. We were reminded of this when invited to our nephew's 1st birthday party at the end of the month.  So I asked hubby what he wanted to do this year.  Is this REALLY a big deal?  I guess that it is.  Our babies will be 1.  Our lives have changed dramatically in a year.  A year ago at this time, I was hot and tired and barely able to move and getting bored with "waiting". Now time has flown. The twins will be 10 months next week and have accomplished a lot in their short time here.  They have become the centre of our universe, they have wrapped us around their little fingers.... ok seriously, they have had 3 cardiac procedures between the 2 of them, mastered sitting up, getting used to solid food, chat with each other, love music, love books, and have learned that they love the swings at the park across the street.  When we put them in, they look a little bored or blah, but take them out and baby girl cries something fierce.

I digress.  So I asked hubby what he would like for this year's birthday.  The twins were his present last year you know. *wink* They were born on his birthday, one month early.  This year, hubby is turning 35. Usually I throw him a party. We have had laser tag, board games, or a BBQ.  This year, he doesn't want anything.  Doesn't feel like celebrating.  YES!! He is finally getting it.  I don't like to celebrate my birthday either.  I don't want cake, I don't want people to come, I don't want anything. Well ok, my mother and my hubby at least have to remember to say "happy birthday".  Hubby and I usually just say go spend $$ and buy yourself something pretty.  Last year, I bought a REALLY REALLY expensive hat, and he bought LEGO, the Star War Destroyer that isn't made anymore so he had to get it from EBAY.  So the plan is that we will have the obiligatory family thing on the Friday, and then a bash for the twins on the next day.  They will get cupcakes with a candle in it, and hubby can have a whole cake. 

Mostly the reason that this first birthday thing is an issue, yes that is a word for it, issue, is my abhorrence of gatherings, and the fact that we would have to have other babies there, mommy friends etc.  Too loud, too chaotic, too crazy... PLEASE GO HOME NOW!  But it also hits home that I don't really have mommy friends, or not many. One is in Ottawa, so that doesn't do me much good for some things, then there are some of the twin mommies that we met either in class or through hospital time. But it just seems like a lot of work.  Plus we are hoping to move and with the market declining at the moment, who knows how else our life will change. So it is good to have a plan in place and tweak it as we go.  Of course, you need to tell the other people involved about the plan at some point... so I suppose we should send out save the dates for the party and tell the inlaws what hubby wants/doesn't want for this year.

Of course, as time goes on, the plan may change.  Such is life.

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