Friday, June 15, 2012

New West Theatre experience

We got a date night again, thanks to MIL coming over to babysit, just for us. This week, we went to see Men in Black 3.  Usually, we go to Silvercity Coquitlam, as Metrotown is usually crowded and there are teenyboppers there.  Hubby and I didn't see that this movie needed to be seen in 3D.  The problem is the non-3D version for our usual theatre was at 4:05 (which isn't going to work, because he is still at work) or 10 p.m. (which is TOO late as we have babies at home).  So we thought we would look at our options and found a theatre in New Westminster, about a 10-15 minute drive from our place.  

WHAT were we thinking??  Sure it is good to try new things, new places, but wow, this was SCREWEDDD up.  We go to New West for dinner on occasion, so it is not that we are adverse to NW per se, and actually the theatre was in some kind of plaza (I can't say it was a mall) where the skytrain (transit) station actually was.  There were signs for parking, you know the big P for Park here and PAY too much for it too.  So we head for that, only the first entrance was really an exit.  So we u-turn for the other side, but there were 2 lanes going out and a semi/delivery truck in the ramp facing us. So hubby got confused and mad.  (It turns out this is really where we were supposed to turn but the truck was parked!! unloading in our LANE!! facing us... so majorly confusing on all ends.

We finally figure out another entrance, drive in circles near apartment buildings before turning around to park and pay. UGH! We go up a moving ramp and come out into a plaza or lobby. There are no signs, or poorly designed.  So we are kind of scratching our heads when I basically asked the next couple who came up the ramp where was the theatre.  We were SOO lost!!  It was on the next level up and way at the end. 

So we found the theatre at last and buy our tickets only to realize this is NOT a Cineplex Odeon Theatre, but Landmark, meaning a different company and hence we cannot use our movie passes or my Scene points. While the theatre seats were comfy, our experience was not so fun getting there.

Oh right , so the movie.... almost forgot about the movie itself.  It was quite good.  So good that I had alien dreams last night after getting home.  So the premise is that Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) has captured an alien 40 years ago, who breaks out of jail and goes back in time to kill Agent K in the past.  So Agent J (Will Smith) goes to the past to try to kill the alien before the alien can kill the young Agent K (played by John Brolin).  Usually by the time a movie gets to a 3rd sequel, it is blah, with a so-so plot (i.e. Austin Powers) but this was done well.  I won't go to much into analysis otherwise you won't see it yourself.  But let's just say "everything is better with pie".

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