Sunday, June 10, 2012

trying to purge the house... not working as well as I hoped

This is all stuff that I have been TRYING to get rid of for ages.  Either through craigslist or kijiji.  Today I finally got rid of the bumbo and play tray. 

And I have a buyer for the curio cabinet.
The thing is that you have to let things go for way less than you want for stuff... Ugh! After a while, I get to a point of offering whatever it is on Freecycle.  Freecycle is a site/group where you can offer items for free to interested persons.  The whole premise is to keep your "junk" out of the landfill, so it becomes someone else's treasure. 

So now I have had the car seat posted for at least a month. The other stuff has been on there for at least 2-3 months. The painting for a year.  The only reason I got buyers for the first 2 items is because I had to delete and then wait to repost the item so that it would be on the top of the list (fresh).  And no one seems to want the painting because it is a copy. I love this picture. I have a print of it, but because of the immense size (it is 2 feet by 3 feet and heavy!!) that it is not feasilble to keep unless I had a bigger house. Which I don't, and don't think we will for another few years... so must try my luck at purging.  

I hate purging the house.  It relates to cleaning. It's not the cleaning that I have a hard time with, it is the fact that I am a pack rat. I like to keep momentos, and so it takes a while for me to part with some things.  (Mind you, while I am a hoarder, I do not need to be on that Hoarder TV show!! Thank goodness!)  I think that I must be maturing... maybe.  As I went to a store to find must needed shorts.  I tried on 20 items and bought nothing.  When I was childfree, I would say, "oh it is only 29, or 19 dollars. I'm not sure where I would wear this, but it is ONLY 29 dollars."  Now, well, really, my lifestyle is different. It is an effort to go out as I have 2 babies in tow.  I no longer wear heels or office attire, and even forgo my church hats, heaven forbid (are you ill?), so buying a clothing item because it is a "deal" or "cute" doesn't cut it anymore.  The Priorities change.. Now if I could get the stuff in my house out be nice.  

Oh.. so I forgot to tell you the other "issue" that I have with cleaning.  maybe you do the same.  
So, I clean a drawer and say, "why is this here? it should be there." or "it would be better if I put in this 'special' place.".. only to forget where it was. "I know I put it somewhere special/new/different from my norm, but WHERE is it??"  plus I often find item "B" when looking for item "A".  So it is irritating at times....

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