Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things I've learned as a Mommy

  1. It is hard to change the diaper of a squirming baby.  Harder still to diaper a kid determined to roll onto his tummy the minute he is down.
  2. Babies have sharp nails.
  3. Cutting the sharp nails is a difficult task.They pull their hands away when awake and wake up the minute I clip ONE nail. Even when it is not that close to the skin.
  4. Feeding a small baby with a small tummy takes FOREVER when you try to feed her solid food.
  5. Baby always has a way of putting hand on throat to prop self up.
  6. Baby will injure father with sharp nails even when he thinks he is safe.
  7. Babies cry. 90% of the time it means that they are hungry.
  8. Babies can be loud.  Even WITH the soother in their mouths.
  9. Babies imitate mommies and daddies.  Are obsessed with the screens and think the remote control is their toy as well.
  10. Irony is thy name.  Baby is hungry and still cries though the bottle is IN their mouth. (this is the girl)  Baby will be fine when you put them in high chair and strap them in. But the minute you cover the straps with the bib or put on the tray, Baby will cry loudly until that first morsel of food has touched the tongue.  (the boy)

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