Wednesday, June 06, 2012


 I went to the cardiologist today for Baby girl's followup. She is good. The ECG was "perfect" and we don't have to go back til August.  We will decrease the Propanalol and wean her from it within the week., but she will remain on ASA. The doctor " I was away during her surgery, so why is she on Propanalol?"  to which I said, "Why IS she on Propanolol?"  "I don't know" he says," let me call someone."  It was for her high blood pressure. She had it on the ward apparently. 

She has learned to put her foot in her mouth, so sometimes you will find she is wearing wet socks, or the feet of her sleeper are wet... that is why.  EW!
She will also roll over from her front to her back, but not the opposite.  Lately, she has taken to sleeping on her side.  And I have started her back on solid foods and she will actually open her mouth for more. ( She gets distracted sometimes. I have to snap my fingers, she looks up and smiles, and then the spoon goes in.)

Baby Boy, on the other hand, has discovered that he LOVES to be on his tummy. So we often find him sleeping that way, in various areas of the crib, even though that is NOT where we put him.  He still does not crawl but is getting the hang of sitting up by himself.  He still does not like it when you try to "help" him do things, so hence the use of the sippy cup, (while I did find one that does not have a stopper valve) is pointless as he still expects you to feed him like a bottle. 

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