Friday, June 29, 2012

Dreaming of More Space and Dreading the Moving Process

We have lived in this townhouse for 7 years come July 28th.  I know this because this was the week before our wedding. :)

It is a lovely 3 bedroom, 3 story townhouse, with 1300 square feet.  I never thought of living in a townhouse. I don't think we had any where I grew up until I was in university (the 90's) hence I never thought to myself "oo, I wanna live there".   I have always said that I need 2 bedrooms just for me and all my stuff. I am a pack rat.  I always have been. I have no idea why.  My mother even said to me in a flabbergasted tone that I had more stuff when I moved home for the last time, than she did when she got married.  "Everything I owned, INCLUDING the couch, fit into the back of a U-Haul hitch.  YOU would need a whole truck for all of your stuff."

This house was fine when there were just 2 of us, but now there are 4!! in a 3 bedroom home.  Not enough space.  It was getting cramped even BEFORE the twins, and now it is getting that way again.  The fact that I stay home all day makes this fact more apparent.  

Knowing that I am a pack rat, and feeling the constraints of this house, and knowing that I will soon have at least one baby crawling soon, has made the need purge the house all the more urgent.  The beauty is that I finally have the will to free myself of items that I have held onto for years because they were a "deal" or "rare".  But seriously, I never used the fabric steamer once, and I no longer wear office clothes that need to be dry cleaned, so it can finally go.  Hopefully I find a buyer before I get annoyed and list it on Freecycle instead of Craigslist/Kijiji. 

And I think that in a couple of months, I will have a "Twin Sale" yard sale/garage sale, as I have "stuff" particularly clothes, and soon the bouncy chairs, etc.  

So, the house thing.  Hubby and I thought that we would live here for another 2-3 years while the twins grow, and we get our mortgage down more.  Hubby was telling someone about said plan and they suggested that we start looking now.  At foreclosures.  Not a bad idea, but due to various issues of red tape, hubby thought to skip that we would just look at MLS.  We were going to start with open houses this past weekend, but things got a way from us, so we are going to try this weekend - even though it is a long weekend and it is rainy.  I was trying to think of how we can do with 2 kids in tow, so I thought we would both use baby carriers.  This makes sense because you can't use a stroller in houses with stairs, nor would I want to carry the car seat, so baby carrier we will try. 


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