Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Surgery day for baby girl

This morning, we were up very early.  5 a.m. alarm so that we could take our daughter to the hospital for her surgery. I looked in the video monitor to check on baby boy and all I see is a mound of blanket and his torso from the hands down.  Baby boy is a squirmer.  He had inch wormed his way up the bed and was wedged at the top left corner... sigh.  So as he was awake, I changed and fed him while hubby fed baby girl. 

 Last night we gave her a bath with a special sponge and gave her antibiotic ointment up her nose.  Oh joy.  She did NOT like the last one.  Nor did she like it again this morning.

 She was content when we left this morning, although a little cranky as she wasn't allowed to eat anymore.  But she still managed a smile when we put her in the hospital gown in prep for the surgery at the pre-op area.
 After a while, she was not happy and the whole ward knew it.  So the nurse asked if she liked bubbles.  "We don't know." was our reply.  Well we found out... she does indeed like bubbles.  I would catch one on the wand and bring it to her. She would hold out her hand and it would pop.  Baby girl would look a little puzzled but enjoyed more bubbles.  Guess we'll have to find some at a dollar store.
 The nurse gave her tylenol that tastes like grape, and chocolate flavored sedative.  After the sedative, she stopped the intermittent crying and seemed "high".  She almost fell asleep in my arms.

The last image I had was the nurse carrying her down the hall to the OR.  It was hard to leave her there, but there was really nothing else to do but go home. The surgery was going to take 7 hours. So we had a long nap while mom looked after baby boy.

 We were given a pager for when the surgery was over, and had requested at least 40 minutes notice as it would take that long to get back.  Our cell phone rang as we were finishing lunch and hubby was asked if we were on the road yet.  The pager hadn't gone off and this was the first we were hearing from them.  It was a little after 1 p.m.   

Upon our return to the hospital, we met with the surgeon.  He told us that it went well and that he was able to close her breastbone as there was no swelling. This is a good thing because it means that she will get more tubes removed from her faster.

Baby girl is currently attached to a breathing tube/ventilator, IVs, heart monitors and more.  The ICU will keep her sedated for the first 24 hours and hopefully she will be awake and alert enough to get the breathing tube out. So now we wait and see.

As I write this, I have a squealing baby boy rolling on the couch next to me.  I'm sure that he misses his sister, but he is likely thrilled to have more attention.

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Take care Guys. We are praying for you.