Friday, May 18, 2012

Scenes from Day 3

Baby girl was moved from the ICU yesterday to a ward.  She has her own room and it is 2 doors over from the room that she had during her first surgery.  So we have a different view this time. Last time, the view was the various rooves of hospital and all you can see is machinery for cooling, a smoke stack and some trees.  This time, we are on the other side with a view of the outdoor terrace. There are flowers and benches and a view of the greenery in the courtyard.
On this ward, parents are required to stay with the children for the day.  So I stayed over night and hubby will spend the day.  When I was leaving yesterday at rush hour to go home for supper and pack, the surgical team came for rounds and told us that she is doing well and will likely go home tomorrow!! 

I'm Trying to Sleep!!!

Mom!! Seriously, I'm trying to sleep! Stop taking my picture!

I have learned how to clean her wound as she spit up all over herself at midnight soaking her nightshirt and the bandage underneath.  That was my fault as I hadn't burped her.  I fed her while she lay in the bed and wasn't sure about how to hold her to burp as there are some restrictions/limitations due to her incision.  The second time that I fed her, I was able to get a little burp. That and the nurse giving Tylenol was a help to settle her this time.

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