Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life has resumed...

A lot of people have been asking how Baby girl is doing since her surgery, how we are doing, etc.  Baby girl has now been back home with us for 11 days.  My mother had been here until this past Friday, and hubby was home that day for her follow up appointment with the surgeon.  The surgeon took xrays and looked at the incisions and pronounced it good.  So we don't have to put clean dressings on her incision every day, and the 3 meds have been decreased to 2.  I still give her Propanalol (a drug for her heart, beta blocker) 3 times a day, and ASA to thin her blood, once a day.  We aren't supposed to pick her up under the arms as that hurts her ribs, and we are supposed to make sure that her nails are short -- otherwise she might scratch her incision open.  

It is a balancing act with twins, as I have to make sure that I stimulate them enough, feed them adequately, get naps, change them enough, etc.  My son is a bit more advanced than my daughter in some areas.  He weighs more (23 lbs to her 16) and gets bored easily.  He "reads" books, flipping the pages before you read the words on the page and at times, doesn't finish the book. At the moment, his favorite book is "goodnight moon", but he doesn't not like Sandra Boyton's board books.  He prefers to roll over onto his tummy despite the fact that he gets "stuck" and can't figure out how to roll back over, hence face planting and after numerous tries to figure out how to crawl will cry, or slide on his tummy across the floor, if the surface allows.

I have begun to feed solids to baby girl again. I took a break before the surgery as I figured that it would mess things up, with her being in the hospital.  They tell me that she will have to relearn a few things, or revert to old patterns, including the need to feed more frequently at first, and/or waking at night.  She does just that. Wakes at 3 or 4 at night, or doesn't go to sleep until 10:30 or 11, while baby boy is asleep at 9 or 8:30 and doesn't wake until 7 a.m.  

We used to have them sleep in the same crib prior to the surgery, but put baby boy in his own crib on the second floor while leaving baby girl in our room on the third floor.  She would wake him at night and then we would have to feed both, as he didn't want to miss the party.  Now I have to worry about him waking her from the daytime naps as she needs to sleep longer than 45 minutes to an hour at a time.  Irony. I know.

Right now they are watching their "show", which is one of three 30 minute videos from HBO presents Classical Baby. The discs are either Music, Art or Dance.  I love these because I don't have to worry about the content, and I get 30 minutes to myself.  Usually I use this time to wash and sterilize the bottles, or a quick vacuum of whatever floor that they aren't on (in our 3 level townhouse).  This is the only time that they don't freak when I leave their sight, as they have started to enter the separation anxiety stage.  

Well it is a challenge and there are times in the day when I might wonder HOW I'm going to get through this, especially when they both decide to cry at the same time and I have to decide which one to pick up or feed first.  I wouldn't miss this for the world though.  I can't wait to see who they become.

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