Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2 post surgery

So I started my day by "sleeping in", meaning I got up at 6:30 because I couldn't sleep any longer even though baby boy was up and being fed by hubby.  So I talked to my mother a bit and then went to Superstore to find more outfits for baby boy. He really needed shorts.  I never thought that I would be buying clothes from a supermarket but Joe is surprisingly a good brand.

After this, I finally cleaned the car and washed it, remembering to take one car seat base out of the car so that we can install the next level car seat for baby boy. He is getting BIG.. and growing faster than we can keep up. His Oma predicts that he will be all over the house in no time.  *Sigh* and the baby gates aren't up yet and I still haven't been able to sell my curio cabinet.

We finally went to the hospital after 1 to see our baby girl. I called in the morning and was told that she kicks a lot.  Hence they were taking out the breathing tube by 9 a.m. So when we got there, we found her asleep with the blanket over her head.  (She puts it there. See previous  blog entry for reminder photos.)  So we removed the blanket and she opens her eyes, eyeballs us quietly, as we are told she has done to most staff today, and then went back to sleep.

We left her with her bear (Pooh) and puppy dog.  Both were given labels so that they don't go missing and we warned the staff that she will try to eat her bears, especially any label.  When we left, the blanket was over her head and she was kicking slightly.  She was given her first taste of food today after fasting since 5:30 a.m. the previous day.  I'm sure she was tired of IV. 
We went home to a squealing boy who has been enjoying the attentions of his parents and Oma, whom he doesn't see too often.

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