Monday, April 02, 2012

Why I like Celebrity Apprentice

I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice for the 2012 season.  This is probably the first time that I have watched the entire series, thanks to PVR.  The last episode I watched was aired last night and the last "task" was to create a heath promo for "Walk with Walgreens" new initiative -- to encourage people to walk.  This was the first task with a mixed team whereas it was previously male v. female.  
The players left are Clay, Lou, Teresa, Aubrey, Lisa, Paul, Penn, Dayana and Arsenio.   It is too bad that some people were cut early. I would have liked to see more of Takei & Gotti, just to see what they are like and how they would have performed on other tasks.  

The interesting thing about this show is often I have no idea who half the "celebs" are as it is usually a mix from reality shows and other arenas that I'm not familiar with.  Maybe this means that I am getting older and hence not the "target" demographic these days.  

Sometimes the episodes are a train wreck and I am glad that I can fast forward through parts of the recording (as I do for the oft boring dialogue of my soaps) but it is still fascinating at times.  I wonder how I would be in this type of show. Probably awful because it basically about group dynamics and how the individual functions within the various aspects of the group.  Some personalities clash, some scenes I'm sure are played up for the camera, and some celebs would likely wonder WHAT they were thinking to agree to be involved in this fiasco.  But it is the group dynamics that continues to fascinate me likely due to my psychology background and fascination with people.  

I'm not sure who I want to "win" at this point in the game, but I think that I have a few favorites.  It will be interesting to see if other dynamics emerge as the players thin out...  in the end, it is the charity that wins.. At least this is the point, I think. 

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