Monday, April 02, 2012

Safe House - Movie

Hubby and I had a chance to see a movie on the weekend. While it was not one that I had been waiting for, it was a good choice.  I did not want to see the Hunger Games as it seemed too gory. This movie had fight scenes which were also gory, but more on the vein of espionage and they happened so quick that I didn't notice it as much. I actually knew nothing about this movie other than the fact that the stars were Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds.  Denzel tends to pick strong characters and I haven't seen any of his movies disappoint.  

April 2012.  
I started this post a week ago and now it isn't as fresh in my mind.  I would still recommend it with a warning of the fighting/gun scenes.  Very well done. Was one that I had on my "waiting to see" list but well worth the time.

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