Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why is there no drive thru?

Why don't the local Tim Horton's have drive thru?  I don't get it! I am in Vancouver, a huge city with million plus people. True, Timmy's is "new" here having put roots in the city maybe 8 years ago, but there are no drive thrus at any location that I have seen except one at the Queenbourgh location, and the Marine Way strip mall.  But none in downtown. Starbucks has one, but not Timmy's. 

Why am I taking the time to rant about this?  Because a) I grew up in small town where you navigated/gave directions using Tim Horton's and most of them had drive thrus.    b) I have babies now.  I am NOT getting out of the car with babies just so I can get my hot chocolate and breakfast sandwich.  

Hence.. this rant. Hence I end up at McDonald's.  They ALL have drive thru.  Do I necessarily WANT to go to Mickey D's? no. Do I spend most of my money there? yes. *sigh*

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