Saturday, March 10, 2012

Movie: The Artist

Hubby and I had another rare night out. We went to see the movie "The Artist".  Usually when movies come out, there are some that you just say... "gotta see that". This was not one that I said that about. Even though I knew that it won multiple awards at the Oscars, it was not until the recommendation of a friend that I thought it was worth a shock.

I was talking to her about my hearing and the fact that I do go to a lot of movies but don't always know what is going on as I will miss dialogue at times.  She mentioned that it was a silent movie with rare moments of talking.  So hubby and I thought we'd give it a shot. "You will know as much as I will when we watch it." was his comment as sometimes I have to ask about a scene or some part that I missed, but not this time.

I mused afterwards that it would be interesting to see what the lead thought when first offered the part.  "How would you like to be the star of our movie? You only have one line." I'm sure most people would do a double take or wonder at the catch eh? I'm sure that the actors were pushed to show that they can really act as it was a silent movie.  There were exaggerated movements and talking. I'm sure there were very few people who could not read the lips.  

Either way, very enjoyable experience.

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