Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More baby reunions

Yesterday I went to coffee with 2 of the mommies from the NICU where I gave birth. We had a good time getting together.. it was noisy, and crying babies, sleeping babies, but so fun!!
The other 2 call me "super mommy" because they both have their mothers or inlaws help on a regular basis whereas I do not. When I walked in the door with the 2 car seats and diaper bag, that was what they called me and were just in awe (for lack of a better word). "How can you DO this?"
"What else is there to do? I have to go somewhere. We all go."

The bonus about going out is that there are 3!! of us. So I get to use the HOV lane on the highway with no guilt. Especially in rush hour! Not so easy when one baby is screaming! not crying... screaming the entire 20-30 minute drive and only stops 2 minutes before you get to your destination.

Of course, the other 2 mommies were amazed at how big my boy is and how much he eats. He is now up to 300 mls or 9 oz per feed. Baby boy is now 7.6 Kilos(16.7 lbs) and baby girl is now 5.6 kilos (12.3 lbs). They were weighed today at their RSV shot

So back to the baby "reunion", in the photo you will notice that the other sets are identical. So it was interesting that there were 3 boys and 3 girls in total. While we all had some bumps getting started, the children are now doing fine. It was fun to compare notes.

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