Sunday, February 05, 2012

Holy twins! Batman

Today we went to our final prenatal class for "Marvelous Multiples" and had a reunion with most of the couples that attended the group and then had a photo op with the non-fussy babies. It was interesting to hear the birth stories and see all the babies. It was also a chance to compare notes. The main thing that I heard was "Are YOU getting any sleep?" Um.. actually, I do. and no, I don't really have help....

Hmm.. in some respects, I am better off than the other couples. Our children sleep a lot. And sleep through the night. No, I haven't hired a night nanny, or any nanny, and no I don't really leave the house. But then I don't really have reason to other than medical appointments and groceries. :)

In our group, there were only 2 sets of identical twins. I will meet the second set tomorrow when I go for coffee with the mommy that couldn't make it today. She has identical boys. I met her in the class and then got to know her better when we were patients at the hospital. Both of us had our twins in the NICU. We met a third mommy with identical girls. I am looking forward to meeting them tomorrow aside from photos on facebook.

One thing that I have heard from people is that they are "SO busy". I try to do at least one thing a day, laundry, vacuum a room, etc. and if something doesn't get done.. well, it didn't get done. The house is messy, but hey, I have twins and I'm home alone for almost 12 hours a day. I'm surprised that I'm as calm as I have been. I thought (before I had babies) that I would be a nervous/anxious mom. that when my baby cries that I would immediately have to pick him/her up and figure out how to calm them... of course I have learned that is not the case. Babies will cry and you won't always know why, nor will you have the hands to do so when you have more than one kid to look after.

We are going to have to teach our children about sharing, about patience, and taking turns.

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