Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Canadian TV"

TV shows go through cycles. One season there are all cop shows, or all medical drama, crime shows. Often, there is crap tv. Stuff that really shouldn't be on, isn't worth the money paid to the actors, etc, but there is nothing else so you watch it anyhow. And then.. there is a gleam of hope. Hubby and I like sci-fi genre. I didn't think that I would, but ever since I became a Star Trek fan at an early age, it just led to a love of other science fiction type shows.

Another thing that I love is that I can see Canadian scenes in my favorite shows. True, it is both wonderful and annoying at the same time, but I guess we'll take what we can get. It is wonderful to see parts of Canada reflected in the show. (You have to know what you are looking at to recognize it though, but the Canadian scenes are there.) Take Alcatraz. This is a new midseason filler on ABC. This show has the premise that in 1963 the inmates and guards of Alcatraz were transferred... or so we thought. Instead, they disappeared and surface in 2012 with their own agendas. Why this is happening and who is behind it, is still a mystery. What I love is that I have recognized my current city of Vancouver in the backdrops. In the last episode of Alcatraz, titled Paxton Petty, there was a scene from Victory Park, set to look like a bomb went off. You have to know the area to recognize that it is "home". The tell tale item was the the cenotaph and helmet statues in the square.

Another show that I have recently discovered is Haven. We found it on Bravo. It has been running since 2010 but I have only "found" it a month ago.
It is based on a Stephen King novel and is set in Maine, but it is really filmed in Liverpool and Mahone Bay area of Nova Scotia. I am not really familar with Liverpool as I was only there once or twice, but I am very familiar with the Mahone Bay, Indian Point area as my friend had a cottage in Indian Point. Mahone Bay is also known for the 3 churches that stand next to each other. This scene tends to be a common postcard. (When I was working in NS, one gentleman explained the uniqueness of the churches. He explained that the churches were a Baptist, Anglican, and Catholic church. He and his wife were getting married but couldn't decide which one to get married in, so they married in the middle one as it was the neutral one for them.) As I grew up in the Atlantic region, but now live on the Pacific coast, it makes me homesick at times.

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