Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wonder of all wonders, I went to a movie today in the theater. Today is my birthday and someone had asked me earlier in the week if I was doing anything for my birthday. I wasn't planning to get any gifts as my mother sent $$ to buy whatever I wanted, and my request to my hubby was that we get professional photos of the twins done. We have book the photographer for Spring when they are 6 months.

So I asked a friend if she would babysit for a couple hours and she gladly agreed. So it was a win/win. I got to go out with hubby, and she got baby cuddle time. When we came home, there was baby boy asleep on her shoulder.... but that is time for another blog.

So as I had the opportunity to go to a movie, I picked the best of what was out there. After scanning the movie listings, I decided that we would see "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy". All I knew about it was that Gary Oldman was in it, and he is a good actor, and that it was a rerun. So I figured I should read about it is about. It says that a retired agent of the British Secret Service is called back to find a mole who is leaking information to the Russians, in this retro plot movie.

This movie was hard to watch. Even for my husband. He even asked questions during the movie. I am used to not really hearing everything in the dialogue, hence I miss plot nuances often, so it was interesting that Hubby wasn't getting it. The movie had a stellar cast with names like Colin Firth, John Hurt, Toby Jones, to name a few, but even that does not save this movie.There is a lot of silence in the movie with fabulous music, but the plot is complex and slow to move in the beginning. It finally moved and started to make sense closer to the end.

The cinematography also added to the plot convolution as it was not the fast paced "American" version that we North Americans are used to, but rather I would say it had a European flavor to it, especially with the silences and use of flashbacks. You really had to concentrate. (maybe the fact that I realized that I was sleepy didn't help.)

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