Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh yeah, that's how you want to start the day....

So Hubby has gone back to work. It has been a full week now. He gets up at 7 and leaves by 7:30 a.m. whereas when I had to be at work by 8, I got up at 6 and left by 7:15 a.m., which is when his snooze button would be blaring for at least the second time. So now we get up with the babies and take them downstairs to feed them. He leaves and I continue my day.

Today, I have yet another medical appointment for my daughter. We are going to a friend's place in the morning for lunch and then I will leave Micah with her while Lena and I go to the cardiologist. This will be the first time that we leave a baby with a sitter who isn't family, so we'll see how it goes.

I try to feed him at least one bottle of breast milk a day, while she gets at least one bottle of formula a day. This morning, he was getting milk and near the end of the bottle, he spit it up. Not a little... a lot. All over me, down my back and some on him. Of course I know now, you hear big belch from little body, get to a sink right away. Luckily, hubby heard this and cleaned up the chair where I had been sitting before he left for work. After I cleaned up me and him, I fed Lena. I'm still wary at times as she has done the same thing... all over me, and her, and the floor. And especially after you get spit up on by one baby, you aren't sure what the other will do. Interestingly enough, neither were crying to be fed this morning. They were just awake when Hubby got up, so he figured that they wanted to be fed. Micah is sleeping through the night and so there are less feedings at night. Which is good, because it is me that does it. Hubby will get up if I need him to, but luckily it isn't as crazy as when they were newborns from the hospital. I'm told that not all babies sleep through the night, that some spit up a lot (so much so that they go through every outfit there is), that some don't sleep at all... so far so good... except for the spit up all over me thing. :)

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