Thursday, January 12, 2012

As you can see, I have been away from the blogging life for a while. Distracted for obvious reasons. The above photo is actually from Christmas Day 2011. The children were thrilled, as you can see, about the day. (sarcasm intended)

Christmas Day was a quiet day which is a godsend considering how this journey into "mommyhood" began.

After many frustrating months and various miscarriages, we were finally successful and I was pregnant with twins. I remember the day that I went to the IVF clinic to confirm pregnancy. The doctor said..."uh, I think you'll need a bigger car..."
I was puzzled and asked why. "Well, there's 2!"
To which I replied, "yes, you put 2 eggs in me, so why are you surprised?"
"Well I wasn't really sure about the quality of the 2nd egg, and didn't expect it to take."

Right. I sometimes wonder which baby was the one that he didn't really expect to exist, but then I say that that's not something to focus on now is it?

So now I have 2 babies. Lena (pronounced Lay-Na, versus Lee-Na, or Lie-Na) Margarete is Twin A, and Micah Norman is Twin B, as per the hospital records. They were born via c-section on September 25, 2011, a month early, on their daddy's birthday. The expected date of arrival was October 11, which was when the c-section was scheduled, and the official due date was October 25. Hubby thinks it is a good thing that they were early because of their cardiac status. Both children have Aortic Valve Stenosis, meaning that the heart has a hard time pumping the blood because one of the valves of the aorta was stuck. The cardiologist who initially assessed my children said that in 25 years of working, they had never seen 2 fraternal twins have the same cardiac condition. (Which makes me wonder about that egg thing again eh?) So Lena ended up having an angioplasty at 11 days old, while Micah was able to stave that off until Dec 1, when he was about 2 1/2 months old.

So long story short, they are now 3 months old (on Christmas Day!) and doing well. Lena, due to having the angioplasty at 11 days, now has a leaky valve with backflow into one of her chambers. She has to have a ROSS procedure, but hopefully we can wait until she is year old. She is smaller than her brother, (as of yesterday, December 11, Micah is 15 lbs, and Lena is 11 lbs,) but as one girlfriend put it, "if you are going to have a delicate, dainty child, aren't you glad it's not the boy?"

So it has been one week since hubby returned to work. One week of me being on my own with 2 babies. So far so good. I have sort of figured out a routine. I'm still trying to figure out how to get Lena to stay asleep at night as she tends to sleep a lot in the daytime, and thinks that 3 a.m. is time to play, much to the annoyance of her tired mommy. It is hard for me to figure out how much is related to her cardiac status, and how much is just her being a baby. She is considered to be sicker than her brother, due to the ROSS thing. She is monitored monthly by cardiology (our next appointment is tomorrow) while he is only needing monitoring every 6 months.

My church has been very supportive providing food and prayer support, especially in the early days when the babies were in the NICU. (They didn't leave the ICU for the first month of their life due to being preemies.) People are surprised that we have made it to church so soon after their birth (as early as the first week) and I have been told that I'm "amazing" and a "testimony to faith".

I am surprised that I don't freak out more than I do. I have learned that babies are going to cry, and you aren't going to know why they are crying, or you won't have the time/or hands to help them. Everyday is a new day and differs dependant on the whims of the child. Both babies will cry at the same time for different reasons (we think that they stick up for the other. or maybe it is the "me too" syndrome.)

Well that will be all for this post. Hopefully I will update sooner than the last.

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