Friday, June 24, 2011

Yet another rant...

Did you know that if you google "Sears Sucks" that you get "About 3,200,000 results (0.15 seconds)". I did not know this until the other week when I was annoyed at Sears. Why did I type this in? Because I was annoyed at Sears yet again. So this incident was actually for a wedding registry. I did not register at Sears for my wedding and have never actually bought anything from a Sears registry until the other week.
We got an invite for a wedding and I picked the Sears registry vs. the Home Outfitters list. When i went to order it online, it was confusing. So I gave up and went in to the store the next day to purchase instore. What I learned is this: instore stuff was on sale, and so our price limit changed from one item to 3. This is cool!! The other thing that I learned is that while the couple has a "pickup" store, Sears does not do this anymore and instead CHARGES you extra for shipping it to the couple's home. I don't know the address of the couple... so I ended up buying the items to take to the wedding itself. It has been a while since I had taken a wedding present to a wedding, as there is already so much going on in a wedding day, that the last thing people need is to figure out how to drag presents from the wedding venue to home.

So hence I was annoyed about the non-pickup store part. When i registered at HBC, the item is paid for at your store of choice and then taken off the shelf and shipped to the pickup store.

My other annoyance at Sears is that despite following procedures for customer ordering, it still took me a YEAR to get a part for my Danby 5 in 1 AirConditioner/Heater. This part is small and only cost $3.95. They were going to charge me $12 to ship it to my house, which is ridiculous since I can pick up from a local store.
So after phoning the special parts number, numerous times to be told said part is on back order but should take one month or 2, I would call back and be told it is still on back order, repeating my request and ALL of my information about the part order. I would give up and wait 2 weeks after "order in" date and then ca
ll again. I ordered the part on June 12, 2010. On January 10, I went in the parts pick up location again and was told that it still wasn't in, but was told the date of the order and that yes, it was ridiculous that I didn't have the order yet.

So after a year of a duct-taped appliance that I hated to use because of that fact, I mention this to the in-laws. MiL emails the president (which I had thought to do but wasn't sure where to find the info) and the part was shipped within a week. Plus FiL took the damaged part and "fixed" it. So I had 2 parts now for the appliance, wahoo!! I then forgot to cancel the order and received a call that my part was in. So now, should I break it again, I have a 3rd item to do me. I will not be waiting another year for a part from Sears, and seriously consider boycotting them. Especially since I go to my local store in Metrotown and it is a MESS. You can't find anything is this store as the organization is horrible, despite renos, and the selection is poor.

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