Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I know I don't write much here anymore.. life isn't really that thrilling lately. I have been trying to clean out this one room of my house. Formerly known as the "guest room", "spare room", and now, it is mostly referred to as the "dump room", where we dump stuff because the house severely lacks closet space. It is frustrating at times because I want to get rid of stuff and yes, it is really my stuff. I am a "collector" not really a hoarder, but I collect "stuff". (For example, I finally threw out cards given to us at our wedding 5 years ago, the reply cards and gift notifications. Why I thought I needed to keep it all is beyond me... but nonetheless.)

The other part of my frustration is that I have stuff that is "worth" something, but no bites on Kijiji or Craigslist. And freecycle people aren't very prompt at coming to get things. There is a Value Village nearby, which has a convenient and easy drop off but I would rather give to Charity if I can. I will have to go up the street to the charity thrift store and see what stuff they take and when they will let me drop stuff off. I'm getting to the point of wanting everything out of my house even if it is worth money. Sometimes, cleaning is more work than you think

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