Friday, January 07, 2011

She's Fabulous!!

I love my PVR (personal video recorder) and have corrupted my husband as well. He is now frustrated when he cannot fast forward through a show, because, sadly, he realizes it is live TV.

So over the holidays, there were a slew of movies. And I taped a lot. I was shocked that the PVR was still only 47% full. As there have been days when it is 99% full, so I HAD to watch stuff or I would miss new episodes of my favorite shows.

I prefer to tape the movies from TV v. theatre because there is closed captions. I discovered when I moved here to BC that my TV had closed caption and I haven't been able to watch TV without it. That was 7 years ago...

One of the movies that I watched the other day has given me a new respect for Elizabeth, the current queen of England. I watched "The Queen" starring Helen Mirren, as Queen Elizabeth, as it told the story of coping with the death of Princess Diana. While I realize that it is likely an extrapolation of what occurred (dialogue, etc) the movie was very well done and I have a renewed admiration for the work of Mirren. Quite a good coincidence to have seen the movie about her father only weeks prior. It was almost like a continuation of the story as there were some references to her father's role as King. I particularly liked the line she said when she met Tony Blair, as he was elected Prime Minister. She told him, "you are my 10th Prime Minister. Churchill sat in that very chair and lectured me about duty." I hadn't realized that it was so many...

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