Monday, December 27, 2010


Of course, we have been to the movies these past months... especially in the past few weeks.

We have been to Tangled, which is a Disney movie, about Rapunzel. It is about
time that a move was made about Rapunzel. I was told that Disney had plans for this movie since the time of Snow White. It is interesting that there is no remake of Snow White. Why mess with a classic? However, should the movie about Rapunzel been made in the 60's, she would have been a lot different.. in looks and personality. Movie characters are reflective of the time in which they are made..

Anyhow, about the movie. I loved it! and I loved her hair. While they did some poetic license with the tale (as most movies do), it was still enjoyable and fun.

The second movie that we saw was Tron: the Legacy.
I didn't/haven't seen the first Tron, but think that the making of this movie in this time was probably a lot easier than it was the first time around. I wonder that we aren't spoiled by the CGI and special effects, that we, the audience, don't appreciate the amount of work that goes into the making of a movie.
I can't say that I loved this one. It was an interesting tale with a good plot, but my reaction is more.. indifference. M'eh.

The latest we have seen, was on Christmas Day. This will probably turn into our new tradition: going to movies on Christmas Day. There were a lot of people there at the theatre, but it was not too crowded at 12:30

We saw the King's Speech, which is the story of Prince Albert, who becam
e King when his brother abdicated the Throne for Wallace Simpson, a woman who was twice divorced. Marrying a divorcee was just not done at the time. Albert did not really want to be king as he suffered from stuttering. As making speeches is common for the job, Albert did not find this to be his favorite part of the job.

Within the first 20 minutes of the movie, I could see why it had been nominated for numerous Oscars. Colin Firth's stammering was superb. It was truly believable!
Of the three I would recommend this movie first, and Tangled for a fun movie for all ages.

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