Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Classes are done for the first semester of my "new life" and I have a month off til the next set of classes. But there is no rest for the wicked... or so the saying goes.

I have been requested to organize a formal farewell function on behalf of my church for my choir director who is retiring. Not just me... others were asked, but everyone is "too busy" to do it. So, it is me.

So I have been hunting for old photos, had a 2 hour interview with her, have conferred with numerous people, created invitations, and now I have to compile the photos into powerpoint presentations. I still don't know the themes that I will use, but that will emerge once I sort through it all, I suppose.

This week is our annual Christmas party. This will also be the choir's farewell to the director/minister of music, who has been with us for 20 years. 20!! in one place. That is rare! I am the choir gift person. Not sure how that happened but it has been a challenge to come up with different stuff for the past few years. (you know, to outdo the previous year, but not to go too cheap...) I'm sure there will be tears that night too.. sigh. So then in January, I will finally have her final farewell. Lots of work and lots of "opinions" to deal with. *double sigh* People have opinions, but don't want to do the work to get their "vision" in place either.. so they have to suffer with mine. :) Poor things.

This week hasn't been easy though. It's been a busy weekend with lots of events to go to. Lots of singing this weekend with choir. At our church's annual Community Carol sing, it seemed that there were babies and pregnant women EVERYwhere. and it was too hard to ignore. I have had people ask about us "and what about you? aren't you going to... " (get with the program.)
Anyhow, this weekend wasn't fun for a variety of reasons. Busy and that other aspect didn't help.

But I'm looking forward to more photography stuff and more classes in January. And I believe that this year, we deserve at least one more big fun trip somewhere. We went to Italy in 2009, and my mother's for Easter. So 2011 should be another big trip to someone "exotic".. meaning DisneyWorld, England, a cruise or... some other fabulously fun place that I have yet to learn about.

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