Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Sales!!

This morning, we got up... let me rephrase that.. I dragged my husband out of bed at 7:30 a.m. and we drove 10 minutes south to a mall to go to the Source. The Source was not open. But Best Buy was. So we went there and bought ourselves another flat screen TV to replace my old TV that is known as our Wii TV (downstairs). Then we went to Canadian Tire at the Big Bend mall, which was essentially disserted I might add, to get a blender, see if christmas decor was on sale (they were not), look at lamps (which were ugly) and remembered to buy a better snow shovel... so that should we need it here in Vancouver, (the rare times) that I do not have to be annoyed at the metal scraping metal sound.

Then it was 9 a.m. We went home and back to bed for 30 minutes before getting up to go for choir and the 11 a.m. service. It seemed like no one was there. Most people were away.

So I thought about it... and decided at 4 to go out again to Big Bend mall and use my coupon for Michael's. Bought wrapping paper and an ornament, and then found sweaters in a different store.

Tomorrow I will return to Michaels with a different coupon and buy more blank greeting cards for my photo card non-business.(meaning that I plan to sell them but haven't determined the best way to do that yet.)

And I might look for lamps again... and try and find some non-ugly, not Debbie Travis ones.

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