Friday, November 19, 2010

Everything happens all at once... or is it more appropriate to say.. "when it rains it pours" ?

It is turning into winter here in Vancouver. There are these odd slush like raindops, snowflakes. And I have had to drive in them all over town for the past 2 days. Not liking it. As it is usually in idiotic traffic lines with people who do not know how to drive (evidenced by the honking horns, near misses, and general idiocy of others).

So it will be a busy few days. Today I have 2 batches of cream cheese brownies on the go, then I have to go to an AGM, and then to class. Pick up hubby's christmas present. Go to Harry Potter movie in the morning. Go to fundraiser in the evening.
little things.

Hubby apparently fainted yesterday at the blood lab because they took 6 vials from him. He is a big guy, but still he was surprised at the fainting part. Luckily, he wasn't standing at the time.
So this is his last day of vacation before returning to work on Monday. Poor thing. He is chomping at the bit to get me off of his computer so that he can play whatever games there are. Well, he will have the next 12 hours I guess.

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