Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Think I'm in a Rut ...

I did clean out the room and have piles to get rid of. In the end, I am disappointed that craigslist is not helpful for my contents and I will have to freecycle them. I have been dragging my feet to do things these days as I get a thrill from "getting things" not necessarily from getting rid of things. But I have to do it soon, other wise it'll be time to drag it all back upstairs... again!! as I have people coming at the end of the month for hubby's birthday, plus my mother is coming.

But more than that, I have been thinking about where my life is going. I have been waiting for things to start and my calendar has tons of things written on it for the week and month, but it's not that I'm busy crazy. (which is good). Just tired of waiting for life to get momentum. And when it does, I'm not sure that I can get going again. Summer was so nice and lazy.... darn autumn is coming and expects me to do stuff like fix my garden, etc.

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