Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Planning for Fall

So maybe... I will finally be able to get rid of the pile of stuff that has been in the house. Some of it is clothes. Some of it is dishes (including unused, duplicate or unrequested wedding presents), DVDs that we haven't watched in a while, VHS that we really haven't watched in a while.

The "stuff" has been carted up and down the stairs for months. I mean like at least 4!! Because I find it, take it downstairs to the first floor, so that it will go out of the house. But then I have people over and I have to clean it up because I still haven't gotten around to getting it out or posting it, etc. Ugh!

So now things have been posted on Craigslist and Kijiji, and nary a bite. So.. I will have to either Freecycle it, or give it to a thrift store. I refuse to give stuff to Value Village though because they are for profit. I would rather give to a non-profit, charity type store. So I will have to bite the bullet and ask my thrift store contact if she wants this stuff.

I have made a HUGE dent in the 3rd bedroom, my scrapbook/craft room, the guest bedroom that is no longer. And you can actually walk in there now. Plus I went through boxes and found stuff that went "missing", like antique stuff from my grandma's estate, my tape recorder, the roll of stamps that I knew I had bought, an INSANE amount of Photo frames, and Christmas presents for this year that I bought last year.

Yes, I have started my shopping early, but then that is what I do. I have 11 people to buy for, and 4 done. Most people will just get baking, cookies, etc this year as I have time and if you think about it, do you remember what certain people gave you in the past? Not likely, and cookies are yummy and can be shared with others as well.

I hope I have time to make the cookies, as I will be starting classes part time in a few weeks, and hopefully I get the job from this Friday's interview. If I don't get the job, I think that will be okay because I have school work and enough other things to keep me busy.

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