Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Yes it has been a while since I have written about my life.
I finished my final class of cake design and flowers. These are pictures from the final cake. I learned the basket weave technique. And now I have been asked to make my father in law's birthday cake next week. So I have been thinking of what to make.

Tomorrow is my 4th wedding Anniversary. Hubby and I are going to Victoria. When we go, we usually go for High Tea at the Empress, check out the Museum, buy me a hat, and maybe go to Butchart Gardens.This time, hubby surprised me and suggested that we STAY at the Empress Hotel itself!! His comment was that he grew up on the Island, but never stayed there, so why not. Can't argue with that.

Then we return after the day is over and go spend the day at Playland with his work crew, and at the end of the day, I will experience my first BC Lion's game!! So it will be quite the Anniversary weekend.

I'm looking forward to it. Next weekend, we will attend a family wedding with reception at Minter Gardens. And I will have to start baking for another bake sale, as well as continue to purge the house. I am not very active with this one lately. I started with a vengence in the cleaning and sorting, when I first quit my job, but have slowed down mostly due to the heat.

Anyhow, there is my update for now. I know you have been wondering ML, so there you go!!

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