Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you Know who this Man is?

My husband doesn't. Why does this bother me? because he was raised here in Canada and doesn't know one of the great Canadian icons of the recent past. (In case you don't know, it is Paul Anka.)

So we went the movies last month. I grabbed a copy of the movie magazine that they give out for free. I like it because it tells you what is coming out soon and gives reviews of current movies. One of the movies is "The Switch" starring Jason Bateman, and Jennifer Aniston. These are stars of my era so he knows who they are. I was interested in reading that Jason is married to Paul Anka's daughter. I did not know this fact and commented to hubby about this.

Who's Paul Anka?

WHOO is PAUL ANKA?? You DON'T know??? He's like Frank Sinatra for Canada. He wrote "My Way", "Puppy Love" and "Diana". .... I then sang Diana for him...
Hubby knew the songs, but did not know the singer...


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