Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Inception-- Movie

Hello all,
Yes I have been "away" from this for a while. I haven't been able to think enough to write anything. Last night, for "date night" hubby and I went to the air-conditioned movie theatre instead of braving heat and crowds for fireworks. We say the movie "Inception" starring Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. The critics say that it is confusing, and that you never really know what is going on.... Hubby and I beg to differ, but then we watch a lot of sci-fi movies so maybe we have an edge. The premise is that Leo's character does "Inceptions" for a living. He invades the person's dream in order to extract information, and in turn plants another idea. In order to do this, he has a team of people who enter the dream with him, build it (Ellen Page plays the Architect), and enter into one of the 5 levels of dreaming.
The complexity/confusing part is whether or not what you are experiencing is the reality or the dream. Even Leo's character isn't sure at times.

I think this was well done. Whoever thought of the idea, but also the director and film crew filmed it well. True there are a lot of stunts, including an "antigravity" one, special effects etc. but it was still well done. Often the stunts or special effects get so involved that I wonder what kind of movie I'm at, as the director/actors seem to get so involved with that aspect that it makes you forget how or IF the stunts etc. even fit into the plot.

I enjoy Leo's movies for the most part. As always, he is a snappy dresser (I have yet to see him in a movie in jeans, I wonder if he isn't trying to recreate Cary Grant-isc type persona) and driven actor. Major thumbs up for this movie

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