Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cake Decorating Class #3

Cake decorating Class #3 was the art of decorating skills. We learned the shell, the pompom flower, rosebuds, and leaves. In the end, I came home with 7 works of art. (The middle one was done by my teacher as she borrowed my cupcake to demonstrate.) So I came home from class, hollered up the stairs to hubby that I home, told him that if he wanted one he had to come pick it for himself. I picked one for me, which was the one in the bottom right corner and took it upstairs. I set it on a tv tray and sat down. Hubby told me that I had a rare call from someone I used to work with, so I called her back. While I was on the phone, I noticed that the cupcake was not as I left it!
He ate my cupcake!! So in the middle of the conversation, I stopped to yell at him about it. His defence was that it was in the tray neat to him, so he assumed that I had brought FOR him. Disgusted, I returned to the call, and he went downstairs and brought me a different one. His other defence was that he was on the computer with headphones and hadn't heard me say, "That is mine, do not touch. Get your own." which I had said very loudly as I walked into the room.

I suppose in hindsight that this is a funny incident in the married life that is us. Even one of my girlfriends began her conversation the next day with "is he still alive?" to which I had to think what she was referring to before answering "barely".

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Jenn said...

We also laughed our butts off! That has happened SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many times here! Though I didn't bake the cupcakes...and it probably wasn't a cupcake but definitely something edible!